if ever we needed to inspire and support creative community, it is now.

welcome to mahaloArts...a place where the creative arts (including music, visual arts, dance, spoken word) are passionately pursued and celebrated as a means to foster imagination and discovery in our lives.  We emphasize improvised performance and exploration, deepening our abilities to communicate and crafting solutions that transcend boundaries of every sort and celebrate our common humanity. We are proudly based in Saxapahaw NC, a fabulous little community smack in between the Triangle and Triad regions, where music, the creative arts and sustainable living in general are vigorously intersecting.  We've been around the block and crossed the ponds a few times and we're just getting started, folks, so come visit us in person or at this site often to check out our ever-increasing offerings. We're having great fun and we want to share it all with you...

come explore the possibilities with us.



(as in "ma" like in ma and pa "ha" rhymes with ma, "lo" as in how low can you go)

means more than "thank you" in Hawaiian; it is an expression of deep gratitude.

It is this spirit that serves as the foundation for mahaloArts.

We embrace with profound gratitude our music, our art, our livelihood, our lives.

Our mission is to facilitate, develop and present creative endeavors that inspire gratefulness for being alive. We bring together folks who pursue creative livelihoods and folks who want to explore their creative selves.  The intersections inspire us all.