"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."

- Maya Angelou -


We each have a song.  So many different ways to share it.


studioMahalo is situated by the river Haw in Saxapahaw NC, our little corner of the world.

It is a remarkable and inspiring place for gatherings of exploration and performance, musical and otherwise.

The studio is a beautiful space that supports exploration in comfort and safety through conversations, play, lessons, performances.


2016 Tempe recital.jpg


Teaching keeps us musicians honest.  We share what we know, and we learn and rediscover along the way.  Our goal is to help others discover and nourish their particular voices, their unique way of expressing and interpreting their lives through the language of music.



Musical self-expression is a joyful and healthy means of communication available to absolutely everyone! Yes, you! No matter what your experience, our playshops provide opportunities for you to reconnect and refresh your musical spirit in a space of support and safety.  These events are satellite events for Music for People, and we encourage folks to consider their offerings as well! Stay tuned to Happenings for upcoming gatherings!



Music is about belonging.  It is, in fact, an expressive language, transcending the boundaries of spoken language.  No matter what our particular experiences, we can engage in musical conversations in a myriad of ways.  And so we welcome all folks who want to explore their musical selves.

We get together, and we play. We converse musically. And lots of room for dance, art, poetry and storytelling.  This approach is not focused on specific tunes (though a familiar tune could certainly emerge here and there). No particular experience is necessary, only an openness to explore and collaborate with others.  Bring and instrument or two if you have them, including hand drums or percussion instruments, or just your voice. These gatherings will be listed under Happenings!